Abbey Button – Project #2

This project was so fun!  My daughter had a blast picking things out at the thrift store, making sure she found pants with just the right pockets – she had plans!    The pants we found were several sizes too big so I took out all the seams and used a pattern from Little Lizard King to make pants that not only would fit but would have an elastic waistband since she hates fitted pants.  After we got the fit just right we got to work on embellishing them – she was so excited to put the rhinestones on the back pockets!   She also requested ruffles on the bottom and a little flower peaking out of the side seam (I used Windham fabrics from my box for that!).    I used another pattern from Little Lizard King for the knit top and was excited to be able to use the black accent from the original sleeve on the new sleeves.    And because every girl loves a great accessory, I upcycled some hardware from some blanket straps and used more Windham fabrics to make a fanny pack! (pattern from Sew 4 Home).


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