Ashley Snipes

So our upcycling journey took us to many places, but when my youngest daughter got her first dollhouse, I knew that’s where we were going. It started with a dollhouse shaped bookshelf.

Each room is full of upcycled items, and we made almost everything! (Minatures are expensive! And what’s the fun in buying them?!?)

Starting on the ground floor:
-The kitchen cabinets and countertops, appliances, etc are made from scrap mat boards and paper that we had in our craft stash.
-the coffee bar table was made “industrial” with skewer legs, fitted with
grommets to make the connectors.
-the lights are from old suction
cups, and grommets as connectors as well
-I made the farmhouse table from popsicle sticks, and framed one of my great grandmothers recipes for artwork.
-the couch, that thing is my favorite! I wish I could recreate it again in life size! It’s made from cereal boxes, magic eraser sponges, and chopsticks. I made the live edge table with a stick and some painted jewelry wire. The artwork is a magnet.
-the flooring on the first floor was vinyl tile flooring, that I cut into smaller strips.

Moving to the second level, I made the kiddos rooms according to their likes. The older girls love fluffy blankets, so they got comforters made from their favorite real blankets. They have a reading nook and art area. The books are made from old magazines. The rugs are free samples from Lowe’s. I used the “table” that comes in a pizza, ddidn’t all little girls do that growing up? The mattresses are sponges.

On the third floor is my favorite room, the craft room!
I really tried to include all the sponsors, here is a breakdown:

-I recreated the Baby Lock serger that is the grand prize, along with the Babylock Zest, because that’s the machine I got my girls for Christmas, and they are learning on. I made them from clay and jewelry findings. You can actually thread them!

On the cutting table you will see the pattern weights, a sewing mug, and the seam ripper we received in our kit. I also framed the Sewper HTV, to make artwork. I used old buttons and garment tags as artwork.
-on the storage shelves, you will see the windham fabrics from our kit, as well as some other great prints from them (also used in the kids rooms on their bed sets). I took all of the amazing pattern sponsors, and made miniature patterns, and have them stored in a bin, ready to sew up!
The tool holder is a lid from a baby food pouch.

Master bedroom is pretty boring except for the lights made from ear buds, and the barn door and hardware, courtesy of a biggie bead cut in half.
In the bathroom, the tub is made from an old lotion bottle
-toilet is made from dental floss and a lotion bottle lid
-the shower head is made from another piece of the earbuds(headphones)! You can see more pictures HERE.

It’s hard to see all of the details in my photos, but I had so much fun going through the house finding things that could get a second life as something else! You can see more in the videos on social media. We have more items planned. My youngest daughter is soo excited to play with our creation! We now have a special heirloom to pass through the generations!


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