2018 Upcycling Challenge

Brad Doeden

I am an architect that enjoys sewing as a hobby.  Frequently I’m asked to create and alter costumes for local theatrical productions.  Since my daughter and I frequently enjoy sharing sewing tips, tricks, and tales she suggested that I check out your blog.  She thought the challenge would be a perfect fit for me to try.  I agreed.  Immediately I went to the closet and pulled out three tired old shirts that had seen better days.  The real challenge was to bring some life back to the future garment.  I considered glitter and rickrack and bows.  I settled on a black sheer with bright flowers of complementary colors to do the trick.  Also, the green shirt material was freshened up by turning it inside out, of which the back and sleeves were used (less the yoke and cuffs).  To conceal the worn elbows, floral patches were added.  The old cuffs were removed and replaced with new.  To keep the garment simple, I opted for a pull over.  To accomplish this, I chose the print shirt back (including the yoke) to become the front.  By keeping the yoke I didn’t need to line or face the collar.  “Easy peasy.”   The vest material was intentionally sheer with bright colors to add life without hiding the garment.  It was super simple to make, just two pieces.  Unfortunately, the cream colored shirt had too many stains that were difficult to work around.  So it was time to “make lemon aid.”  I used it for smaller pieces such as the yoke and linings for the yoke, cuffs, pocket and sleeve patches.  It was the perfect color and material.  Finally, the true test was this.  Will my wife wear it?  Yes!  “Happy days.”



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