2018 Upcycling Challenge

Cari Beauregard

Here is my second entry into the upcycling challenge. I was very excited to find this linen shirt at the thrift store new with tags. Linen is a fabric that everyone raves about sewing with, but that I have not previously used so I was intrigued to try it. The rich color of the shirt matched a lot of my preexisting fabrics, but I had a small piece of this Tula Pink Eden Atlas fabric in Amethyst and I knew that I had to pair them together. I decided to do something I have never done before and make a hat, I wanted to challenge myself by doing something new for the competition. I used the Darby Cloche pattern from Violette Field Threads. The top pattern I chose showcased the Tula fabric perfectly; it is Violette Field Threads Joy, and I incorporated the linen shirt into the side panels. I really love this look that I paired with store bought jeans.




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