2018 Upcycling Challenge

Cassy Gobin

For my upcycle challenge I really wanted to be able to create two looks by utilizing one piece of apparel to upcycle plus the additional new fabric.  I have twins, so leaving one out sometimes makes for WWIII if you know what I mean. I began with a thrifted men’s button down.  I wanted to use some of Candice’s tips about upcycling, so I made a goals us utilize some of the features of the shirt that already exist.  For the shorts, I strategically planned to use the front pocket of the shirt for a back pocket of the shorts.  For the dress, I used the button placket as the placket on the dress.  I was able to use the placket by following the model Candice used in the kickoff by creating a facing to finish out the neckline and arms. To bring the looks together I used two fabrics from Sandra Clemon’s recent line to help create coordinating pieces. I utilized patterns in my stash to stretch the value of the upcycle.

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