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Upcycling can be more than just sewing up a new item from an old one! It can also mean mending an old item with techniques that transform it into something fun and amazing! Have you ever tried to patch a hole in something, and realized that your mending gave your project a whole new look and feel?

This book:  Visible Mending – Artful Stitchery to Repair and Refresh Your Favorite Things by Jenny Cardon is an excellent resource and guide to do just that! It includes 5 techniques, 35 examples and 150+ photos to give you endless inspiration!


Book Description:
Give worn and torn items new life through unconventional mending techniques. With this book, learn how to master the artful stitchery to repair and refresh your favorite garments, projects, and more.

  • Learn hand-mending methods, including boro, embroidery, patching, and darning

  • Create eye-catching reparis with visible mending

  • This is a technique book for people who have never sewn before and an inspirational book for people who have been sewing for years

  • This book features 5 techniques, 35 examples and more than 150 photos that make it easier for you to put your unique mark on what you mend

  • Includes detailed instructions and tips

  • Author: Jenny Wilding Cardon

  • Softcover; 80 pages


TO ENTER FOR A CHANCE TO WIN THIS BOOK! Simply comment on this post, tell us what your favorite upcycled item has been! It could be something you made, or even something you saw! Winner will be announced, tomorrow in the next blog post for giveaway #2! Giveaway is open to US and International Participants. Giveaway closes at 10 am PST 8/5/2019.


Here are some other great books for Upcycling:

Recycled and Reimagined Sewing – Patterns to Repurpose Book  

10 20 30 Minutes to Recycle Jeans Book

40 Weekend Projects to Create and Share Book 


Nancy’s Notions also has a project category specifically for re-made projects that includes more books and patterns! You can check them out HERE.

See you back here tomorrow!



  • Lorna

    Hard to choose a favourite, it might be whatever I’m currently upcycling… but atm it’s a pattern test so I need to be coy. I think my favourite of someone else’s was a canvas tent upcycled to a jacket…. I’ve been tent hunting ever since!

  • Nicole

    My overall favorite upcycled project would be my jumpsuit that I created from other bibs and jeans. All the denim has different colors from wear/tear. It’s casual denim but could be worn dressy!

  • Alma Lahmon

    I am always excited about the creative energy behind most recycling projects I do or see others do. One of my own favorites (so far!!) is a recent phone case accessory I made with just a scrap of leather and serape blanket. So functional and cool looking with only scraps!! I have been inspired by up cycling projects with old linens….lost art being brought back to life for others to appreciate once again!!

    • candiceayala

      This is great Alma! I think sometimes we forget the potential of scraps and just how much they are worth. Even more so when they are vintage =)

  • Cerahnaomi

    This summer my favorite upcycle was the off the shoulder top I made my daughter. I went in so nervous having no pattern. It turned out so cute & I love how much she loves it & wears it. But the jacket I made my some from his dad’s sweatshirt is a close second. I think the weathers too hot for it right now & that’s what it’s in second place 😉

  • Cerahnaomi

    I’ve seen some many upcycles or even alterations done with hand sewing & I’ve loved them all! I definitely need to add this to my upcycle game 😉

  • Auschick

    I have big plans to use Japanese mending techniques (sashimi) on my jeans! Up until now I’ve been throwing them away but a few months ago I went to a Japanese sewing store and stocked up on everything I need. Now I just need to get in and do it!

    • candiceayala

      OHHHHH!!! That sounds exciting! I think planning, prepping and buy supplies is the exciting part sometimes. The execution is another story…lol

  • Deborah Devine

    I love to see how individuals upcycle jeans. They are so easy to obtain at garage and rummage sales. This book would really take my upcycling ideas with jeans to a new level. Teens are very open to upcycles made with jeans, and they are usually so picky.

  • Saskia

    I think my favourite upcycles have been for my son. A shirt made from his dads old cast off shirt, and a leather waistcoat from an old leather trench coat.

      • Saskia

        I would put more pictures up of him in the clothes I make… but he’s a stroppy tween. Perhaps I could just crop his head off?!

        • candiceayala

          Yeah that works! =) Adrian doesn’t like to be photographed so sometimes I just crop his head or have him look away, and then he’s okay with it. lol teenagers!

  • Ashley

    The greatest upcycle I have seen, was actually recently. A lady made a beautiful baby quilt, with a tree pattern. It featured the uniforms of 3 of the fallen military members in their family, one of which the baby was named after. One the trees, she included their initials! Beautiful, amazing, and just so special!

  • Cindi Klemm

    My neighbor passed away and left me her vintage pillowcases and sheets. I used those to make gorgeous skirts and dresses for my daughter’s and granddaughters.

  • Bonnie Malterer

    One of my best upcycles is a postage stamp quilt. I got so many comments about it. Some comments were about why I did not go crazeee…
    It was actually relaxing. (1.5 inch squares)

    • candiceayala

      lol! I can understand the comments! I admire quilters so much, because I know how much dedication goes into it. I dont have patience for it, it would definitely make me go crazy lol

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