2018 Upcycling Challenge

Colleen Lohrenz

My husband and I live in Texas, but we have a small wheat farm in Kansas. When we travel to Kansas, I only have a vintage Dressmaker sewing machine that my sister-in-law found at a thrift store for $20. If I want to sew at the farm, I sew with this machine; it’s a workhorse but has limited features. Last month we were there and I was looking for a project. Sewing for our grandson, Jack, is my favorite activity and his mom, our daughter, works as a recycling manager in North Carolina. I had seen some of Liesel’s projects and it just seemed to be the right time to try one.
OLD GARMENT: Candace Ayala’s Upcycling Blog hints helped me to look for “just fabric” and “details” at the local thrift store, The Etcetera Shop. I found these stretchy mom jeans for $2!
PATTERN:  The grey blotches on the before photo are covering the actual pattern pieces I laid out – I understand it’s not correct to show them. I had a German pattern I wanted to use and nothing to lose for trying –  “Hose Motti by made for motti”
NEW FABRIC: I added ribbing from Jumping June Textiles and a red striped twill tape I had been wanting to use for something.
RESULT: Jack’s Jeans!

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