2018 Upcycling Challenge

Danielle Boon

Hi, I am Danielle Boon, I’m a avid sewist from the Canadian prairies and recently decided to start a sewing blog to share my projects. I’ve got a last minute upcycle project for you!

These are PJs from Blake Slate’s Snuggle PJ pattern, made from a combination of new, mostly new, and old fabrics. The bottoms are made from old bedsheets (actually just a single pillowcase!). I love upcycling with bedsheets because the fabric is always nice and soft from having been washed so many times, but it’s also in nice squares that make it easy to find the grain and place patterns. This pillowcase was perfect for some nice, light airy summer pj pants, and I was able to save some time by using the clean open end for the pant hems! The real inspiration I had for these PJs was the rib knit for the top, it was a random cut from a remnant bin at my local fabric store, but I knew those stars and moons needed to be toddler jammies. To finish the collar, I used bias tape made from scraps- it actually started as the sleeve for a wearable muslin, but I had shoulder fit issues and had to remove the sleeves. Waste not want not, this bias tape is shifty to work with, but is soft and has a pretty sheen to it in person. So I guess this is sort of like two upcycles in one: a pillowcase and a sleeve!

Thanks for taking the time to read about my project. If you’d like to read more or see more pictures, I wrote a post about it on my blog.



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