Deborah Devine – Project #1

I started with a unusable Tent with a cracked pole and turned it into a Re–usable Grocery Bag Organizer System with 5 bags that each have a different purpose.

Dowel rods support the bags on the top of the cart sides and make them easy to pack and the reinforced handles make them easy to carry into my car and home. Each bag has colorful labels on the inside of the bag to help the grocery bagger understand what is to go into each bag. The first bag stores all the other 4 bags when they are not being used, and is utilized at the store to safely hold the eggs and a separate pouch to bag 6 large bottles, each with their own padded pouches. The second smallest bag features 2 layers of fabric to handle the weight of can goods.

The third bag actually used one of the tent window screens to make a pouch on the outside of the bag, and was designed for fruits and vegetables.

The fourth bag is an insulated bag for refrigerated and frozen foods. There are 4 fabric layers- tent, insulation, waterproof tent floor and a Windham cotton print, that were used to make this insulated bag edged with a self-fabric bias. This waterproof bag has a top that can be flipped over the top of the bag to keep the temperature cold.

The last bag, is extra roomy to hold all the large, bulky items that are stored in the pantry. The front of the bag is decorated with a colorful Windham cotton print and an outside pocket provides even more storage. Now, a whole cart of groceries, can be organized in these upcycled grocery cart bags, then easily carried in to my home by the reinforcedĀ  shoulder straps.

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