2018 Upcycling Challenge

Heather Hamblin

This is more of an add on to my last leotard upcycle. I’m so glad you put out this upcycle challenge because I was trying to budget a creative way to outfit my daughter for her first 5 day dance camp. Looking in stores the cost of dance wear was way more than I wanted to spend. I hoped I could make it cheaper but hadn’t checked fabric prices yet. The. Your upcycle challenge encourages me to think outside the box & the first one was so much fun I had to go for another. I purchased a 3XL T-shirt off a clearance rack for $3 & was super lucky to snag some skirt material to match at 70% off in the clearance bin at Joann Fabric. The material for the skirt ended up costing me $0.50! I think I’ve found a cheap & cute way to outfit my daughter! I’ve already picked up another skirt fabric & just need to find more matching T-shirt on a sale rack to coordinate & we have 3 outfits!



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