2018 Upcycling Challenge

Heather Hamblin

I purchased a dress online that seemed like a good deal…well it was too good to be true. A package arrived from China with a dress nothing like the pictured one I’d seen online. This upcycle challenge has allowed me to take lemons & make lemonade 🙂 I decided to make another dance leotard, but following some of the tips online, use the finishes in the overall design. The fake wrap of the dress is positioned on the bodice front, the finished hem helped finish the sleeve & the tie was used to make the lace wrap skirt. So here is my failed Chinese “wrap” dress repurposed into a dance outfit for my daughter’s upcoming dance camp. And there was enough leftover material I might just get two things out of this one dress!

*Not pictured…I used an old white T-shirt as the lining to help stabilize the flimsy material.

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