Heather Hamblin – Project #1

As I began my upcycle journey I had a very interested 5 year old watching me work with an inquisitive mind. While seam ripping & answering questions, it hit me: we needed a hands on experience. So I placed my projects aside & took my daughter to the consignment store. We walked the isles talking about upcycling & what to look for. Walking among her favorite colors & discussing possibilities, she suddenly lit up. There was a ladies dress with all her favorite colors & she knew it was the one. We brought it home to talk about how we could upcycle her find. She knew she wanted a dress & we talked about how we could reuse the lace on the back. I noticed all the already made bias tape & wanted to put it to good use. Measuring the skirt length I knew we’d need it all & would need to incorporate another fabric so we turned to the scrap pieces discarded from already made projects & found one we liked that matched.  In the end, she’s in love with her dress & we both enjoyed the process. She’s beginning to create her own fashion sense & sometimes we don’t agree on style, but I’m loving this adventure of teaming up to create something she loves.

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