Heather Hamblin – Project #3

My daughter loves the off the shoulder look. It makes her feel all grown up. Challenge excepted. In my sewing room’s box of to-be-upcycled items, I found a two toned striped plus size woman’s shirt I’d snagged off a clearance rack for $3 last fall. It seemed to be the perfect match to my inspirations I’d pinned on my Pinterest board. As I took apart the different pieces of the woman’s top, I worked through my head how to transform this top into something my daughter would squeal over. I laid the deconstructed item on my sewing table near my upcycle kit & loved how the navy windham fabric quarter popped against the stripes. My excitement mounted as I decided it would be just the missing piece I needed to make the top extra special. I was a little nervous diving in without a pattern coming off of a little bit of an unsuccessful attempt but I watched my vision take shape & my daughter is in love. I have to admit, I am too.

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