Heather Hamblin – Project #5

This was such a fun upcycle! Daddy works football so football is life & every year I try to create pieces the kids can wear to cheer on & support “daddy’s team”. (That’s what the N stands for in their young minds.) It makes it so much more special when I can take something from another season, that their dad wore on the field & create something for them to wear in the stands, because, yes, we attend every game.

About the upcycle: I had this great pattern by sew a little seam I’d been planning to use to make a cute jacket, just hadn’t found the perfect fabric. When I saw the embroidery on the sweatshirt I envisioned it across the shoulders of a bomber jacket right away. In high school I made a letter man’s jacket with leather sleeves & remembered how amazing it turned out so I set off to find something fun for the sleeves that didn’t break the bank. This pho leather was perfect & I even found official team licensed cotton fabric for the lining. I had to make a few minor adjustments for that because the pattern is an all knit pattern. The best treasure of the whole upcycle was realizing he cuffs & waist band of the hoodie were going to be the perfect finishing touch to make this jacket look like it was boughten at the team apparel shop. My son was so excited about his “bomb jacket” to wear to football games but I think his daddy was even more excited. He gave me another hoodie. I guess I do have 2 more kids that need one!

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