Heather Hamblin – Project #6

This upcycle brought me joy. I received a T-shirt from my brother with his business logo. A logo I created for him many years ago when he first started his company. They now have a 17 month old little girl who I adore! She needed something she could wear that supported her daddy. I decided my cute little niece needed a dress to match her cuteness & something functional for her active little lifestyle. I wanted the logo to shine so instead of following the directions on the pattern for ruffles, I made a bias trim to help outline the T-shirt logo on the dress. The interfacing in our upcycle kit was perfect for stabilizing the knit T-shirt to work with my cotton fabric in order to pull off the look. The big pockets drew me to the simple life pattern company pattern because every active little girl needs great pockets to hold their treasures. Since my bodice pattern laid up into the neckline of the T-shirt, I had to card some creative piecing to complete my look & work the logo into it. I look forward to many more sewing projects for my niece & was so blessed to be a part of this one.


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