2018 Upcycling Challenge

Katie Kable

Here is my first, hopefully not my last, entry into the upcycling challenge! I used your first three tips from the kick off post, but loved all of them! I especially love the little pockets in the pants you made Abbie.

I was first inspired to make my fabric coasters while at work, when the condensation from my drink bottle left a water circle on the desk, I’d inevitably always put paperwork on top of it after moving my drink bottle, which I found frustrating.

I searched pintrest and came across a tutorial by @nerospost you can find the tutorial here https://nerospostbox.wordpress.com/tutorials/

Now I want to make them all the time, I think they make cute little gifts, I made this one for my sister who had her birthday last week, I still haven’t managed to put it in the post yet though.

My old fabric is a flannelette PJ top and an old towel which I used as the batting/inside to absorb moisture and as a heat protector if using the coaster for hot drinks. My new fabric is from my fabric stash. Next I’m tempted to try a quilt using a towel as the batting, it might be frowned upon by quilters but I think it could be really effective for a lap size quilt, I just need to find the time.




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