2018 Upcycling Challenge

Laurel Richmond

I chose to upcycle my favorite baby swaddle into this outfit for my daughter. I paired it with solid pink and white Kona cotton to highlight the colors of the swaddle. I used two Simple Life Pattern Co patterns to create this look. I used Tammy’s Tulip Ruffle Shorts and Mila’s Tulip Top. My favorite part is the paper pieced rose on the bodice of the top.

Since I am only minimally experienced with upcycles I relied on Candice’s tips in order to make a successful outfit. I had the hardest time thinking of what I could upcycle and I had no time to go thrift store shopping but after looking at tip #3 I realized I had A LOT of baby clothes and that is what lead me to use the baby swaddle blanket. I love that every time I look at this outfit it brings back nostalgic memories. I also loved the bonus tip that Candice gave and I used that to make sure my paper pieced rose was located on the bodice where I wanted.

Thank you so much for issuing this challenge. It pushed me out of my normal comfort zone where I was able to practice new skills.



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