2018 Upcycling Challenge

Melody Gould

I’ve been holding onto this Michael Miller fabric for a while unsure what to do with it when this challenge started. I brought it with me to the flea market where I found a ladies tee-shirt and sheer blouse that matched the colors perfectly! I decided to make a shirt and shorts from those 2 tops and the yard of fabric.

The 2 shirts into the one I made was a bit of a struggle because the sleeves were transofrmed from traditional sleeves into raglan style. While this would’ve been easy enough if I was making a smaller size, but since my little girl wears a size 14/16, I needed every bit of fabric I could get. I fiddled with the fabric enough to get it to do what I wanted.

What I didn’t notice until after the top was made was the 2 small stains on the top. That’s where the two “flowers” come in. I loved the details of the sleeve cuffs so I left them as they were and figured this would make a cute top for fall.



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