2018 Upcycling Challenge

Melody Gould

This upcycle started as a fat eigth of the Michael Miller print, a yard of the pink to match, and a tunic that I made for myself a while back but didn’t like the way the fabric hung. When pulling fabric for this challenge, I happened to pull the Michael Miller print out of the shelves where the tunic was hanging (I’d been pondering what to do with it because I love the fabric just not on me). I noticed how well they went together and started trying to figure out what to do with them and the idea for this dress was born.

While sorting thru my digital patterns, I remembered this one from Violette Field Threads. Unfortunately it is only in sizes up to 10, I had to do some pattern hacking to make it fit my size 14/16 girl. Luckily, after I altered the pattern, I had JUST enough of the Michael Miller fabric to make the bodice front. With the leftover bits, I fussy cut the one pocket and a raw-edge applique for the other; a cat and a mouse, which I think are adorable.


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