2018 Upcycling Challenge

Melody Gould

I’d been hoarding, what I thought was, the white sheet of eyelet fabric with a pretty decorative edge. However, it turned out to be a shower curtain! LOL While I was going thru my patterns I came across that Violette Field Threads pattern and thought that eyelet would be a great match! Then I found that pretty light blue gauze with white polkadots on the clearance rack at the store and knew it would make the perfect skirt overlay for the eyelet. The lining for the entireĀ bodice is fabric from a ladies white tee-shirt I upcycled (I was afraid that the eyelet fabric *might* have some openings where they shouldn’t be which is why I lined it in the tee-shirt fabric).

The pattern was easy to follow. However, I wanted the overlay skirt to be as full as possible so it was a struggle when I was sewing the skirt to the bodice. Two layers of the skirt of different gathered fullness and of different fabrics to the two layers of the top which were two more different fabrics – one of which was stretchy… That is one mistake I’ll never make again! LOL Then, I didn’t realize when I was sewing the bodice to the skirt that I ripped the cuticle on my finger and was bleeding all over the white bodice! YIKES! But thanks to my IG friends, someone suggested a cottonswab dipped in peroxide which, thankfully, cleaned it right up!

The best part – my little girl said it’s a “princess dress” which makes it all worth it. šŸ™‚


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