2018 Upcycling Challenge

Melody Gould

While I was looking at the leftover bits of the FQ I had of Michael Miller fabric I thought that the fussy cut kids would be cut as pockets. It was then that I decided to use them on an apron of sorts. Instead of the traditional apron, this one slips over the head.

The red fabric is from a pair of womens pants. The cute print was fussy cut from a fat quarter. What you don’t see in the plastic bags that I also used for this project. After fusing them together to make a large sheet, it was cut to size and is actually sandwiched between the layers of red fabric. Why you ask? So that any water, paint, or any other liquid that is spilled on it will not soak thru and possibly stain her clothing! 🙂

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  • Cari

    Such a cute little apron; really smart the way you incorporated the bags to make it resistant to anything soaking through.

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