2018 Upcycling Challenge

Merav Ruthman

Thanks so much for extending the challenge. This is probably my favorite upcycle of all time!
I recently been inspired to BUY LESS and WEAR MORE. I decided this Summer-that unless my daughter absolutely needs something I can’t/don’t want to make-the rest of her wardrobe will be handmade and I will try to upcycle from my closet, my husbands closet and even her closet. Down to lining her dresses with my husbands volleyball shirts (he gets them for free after each league) and recycling all her pants that are a few inches to short (woohoo growth spurt) into summer shorts. Love recycling from inside our home.
I have always wanted to to make a jean skirt, and a pair of her old Jeans from Target made the best test subject. I even got her involved with the trims (new) but she loved choosing and pinning for the exact color placement.
This old pair is getting lots of wear.


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