2018 Upcycling Challenge

Miranda Bodo

The piece that I upcycled, I received from my sister in law, she thrifted it for me, it consisted of natural materials, cotton and silk and had three very interesting textures, drapey silk, knitted cotton and cotton lace. When I upcycle I always try to use as much as possible from the garment, so of course I work according to Candice’s tip of really dissecting the garment with a seam ripper. The shape of the individual fabric pieces inspire me like the shape of a rock can inspire a sculptor. I also like to to use original details, like the tailored finishes that Candice mentions. The original garment contained two straps to fixate rolled up sleeves, those I turned into shoulder straps on the sundress, including the original button hole and button. I used one meter Michael Miller Mermaid Magic Blossom and turned the fabric and the garments into four pieces to create three outfits. Full disclosure, I did line the bodice of our eldest daughter with a remnant fabric from my stash and I used an earlier made bias to finish the arm and neck holes on the top of our youngest, but those were only extra pieces of fabric that I used. I lined the lace middle piece on the smallest top with a piece of excess silk that I had to cut off and I used the original lining of the tunic to both line the dress of our eldest and to back the lace on the sun dress of our middle one.




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