2018 Upcycling Challenge

Paola Phillips

A bit about the project:
I tried to use my son’s pants as shorts since at the end of the school year they had holes on the knees, luckily, the size he is leaving is the size my younger daughter is entering. I found a nice hospital gown at a thrift store in Denton, TX and it appeared new, since it was only $3.00 and had lots of usable fabric, I took it. I loved the details on the sleeves and I was lucky enough that they fit perfect on the leg openings from the pants that became shorts. With the addition of some fabric from my stash, I created a Simple Life Pattern Company Bella, using the gown fabric and ties for the top and new fabric for the skirt portion. I continued using fabric from the gown to add a nice detail to the shorts I had cut and created a coordinated outfit, where the shorts detail matches the top.

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