Trisha Brown

I made a hip purse from a skirt I bought 10 years and 40 pounds ago.  Never gonna use the skirt but I will use the purse I made out of it!  I put a zippered pocket on the inside and a small pocket useful for a shopping list and a pen.  I used the natural lines and many natural gems of the skirt.  The front has 3 outside pockets.  I used my embroidery machine to make the lace for the front.  I used a lace skirt for a lot of the daisy lace that lined the back of the purse pocket.  I put a little dangle of lace on the bottom of the purse because I love lace and it just felt good.  I used the webbing for the strap with adjustable hardware to help adjust the length.  I put a little daisy lace on the strap because why not , it made me happy !!  I decided it needed a bit of bling so I put a bit of bling on it with the butterfly keychain.  Again, I’m girly and it made me happy !  I love that you have this challenge, thank you for considering my submission.

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