2018 Upcycling Challenge

Ummul Masakin

Hi. I am Ummul from Malaysia. I wanted to tell you how much i enjoyed this challenge although upcycling is something new to me.

I’ve been keeping the maternity dress for quite some time. I just love the material, so light and airy and, less iron work. I picked new fabric which is lace  because i wanted to make a sweet and simple dress, perfect for any occasion.
I was not sure what kind of material is the old fabric, it is a bit shiny, silky, drapey and lightweight. Although the fabric was new to me, I took the challenged and step out from my comfort sewing zone.
I use all the tips from Candice blog except #3 and #4 and so glad it turn out pretty. Bodice is from Maddy top from Bebekins patterns.
I am so proud that i make a new dress for my daughter from  the old maternity dress. I hope you like it too! 

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