Welcome to #CAUpcyclingChallenge2019

You did it! Thank You! Isn’t this exciting?! You are now part of a small select group of participants ready to show the world just how innovative and creative you are!

As we prepare your kit for shipment to you, here are a few things you can do while you wait for your goodies to get to you!

  1. Copy and Save, or Bookmark, or Screenshot this page in case you need to go back and view this information.
  2. Sign up for our Private Facebook Group: HERE.  This group will include all the participants of the challenge; you’ll be able to ask questions, bounce ideas etc.
  3. Follow @CandiceAyala, @BabyLockSewing, @WindhamFabrics and @NancysNotions on Instagram.
  4. Start thinking of creative ways you can document your journey. You can use IG, IG Stories, Facebook, Youtube etc.

Once you recieve your kit you’ll find more instructions on how to proceed! GOOD LUCK AND HAPPY UPCYCLING!

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