Wendy Pratt – Project #1

For this upcycle I found a jacket and knew I wanted to make something for my little geologist. One thing that’s important on a rock gathering trips is having somewhere to carry your finds, and fortunately the jacket had some great pocket details that I was able to save, repurpose, and create. I removed the large flap pockets from the front and moved them to the side of the legs as cargo pockets after some added details using the original epaulets. By removing the now cargo pockets, I uncovered welt pockets which I used on the back. I pulled more of the the faux leather details in by adding a third set of pockets to the front with the faux leather taken from the original collar exposed. All of the original cuffs stayed on the piece with the arm cuffs becoming the new leg cuffs and the jacket waistband on the bottom became the waistband for the pants on top. Each leg was pieced together to create the length I needed so at each pieced seam I continued the look of the original double topstitching of the jacket. All materials for these cargo joggers came from the original jacket and considering my guy is still wearing them after photos, I think it’s safe to say he loves them as much as I do!



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