Wendy Pratt – Project #2

When you have a soft and fluffy sleep mat and coordinating blankets, but your kiddo isn’t a baby anymore, you upcycle it into this year’s Halloween costume! On this upcycle I disassembled the sleep mat, removed all the fluff, and salvaged the head and part of the ribbed center. After removing the face, we were able to reuse the head and ears to create the new headpiece for my daughter. I finished off the edges to help control the shedding and added snaps to secure it in place when worn. Then I used the blankets to create the body of the suit based on another costume we had at home. The center panel added a nice contrast on her tummy, which also tied it back to the original look of the mat. I intentionally left room for layering under the suit for a jacket and leggings as we’ve had snow the last two Halloweens! Finally, I added fold over cuffs to act as mittens and socks when wanted for warmth. Overall my little lamb loves her new soft and cozy costume and can’t wait for Halloween!

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